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What is Chiron Healing®?

  • A natural, gentle and very powerful form of energy healing
  • Chiron Healing® is as much for self healing as it is for helping others, so is studied by both lay people and those wanting to use it in professional practice.
  • It is channelled information from the times of the Ancient Greeks (work by the late Jan Thomas, Australia for over 30 years)
  • Chiron Healing® explains the structure of the etheric pattern and  techniques to repair, energise and rebalance it
  • It develops and deepens your intuition and healing abilities
  • A healing modality you can use on yourself and be the catalyst to allow others to heal themselves
  • Important for sensitives (those who give out lots of energy to others)
  • Really appropriate to help the ultra-sensitive children of today
  • Help others even at a distance
 So you want to learn this method of healing - for yourself and others?
You will be able to learn Chiron Healing® basics in the Level 1 course. You can then use this for yourself or others in a lay capacity. Further levels and courses are available for those who wish to train professionally in Chiron Healing® details of which can be found on the IACHI website.
To receive a Chiron Healing® treatment:
Ring Gwynneth on 0161 434 5210 or 0781 805 4509 to arrange an appointment.

 Chiron Healing® Level 1 course
 Level 1 workshop covers a huge amount of information about the structure of the etheric pattern, its major geometric shapes and underlying related philosophies.

In this course, you will share in the philosophies and healing techniques of Chiron as they have been channelled by Jan Thomas from the Masters Chiron and Chira.


You will be able to LEARN:

~    To clear and protect yourself and others.

~    To use healing energies without feeling ‘drained'.

~    To unplug ‘drains' of energy from others and situations

~    To work with your Feeling Centre to develop your inner ‘knowing'.

~    To work with energy to ease physical, emotional and spiritual stresses.

~    To balance the physical spine, TMJ/jaw and pelvis.

~    To understand the anatomy of the Etheric Pattern with its Diamonds and Lines.

~    The 7 Basic Principles of Chiron

~    How your name affects you.

~    How to help others directly and at a distance.

And Much More ..................


Comprehensive Working Manual included

 To experience the Chiron Healing® method for yourself simply book a session with

Gwynneth in Manchester:

Contact: gwyn4gold@live.co.uk or 0161 434 5210 or 0781 805 4509

 Chiron Healing Level 2 course
Level 2 workshop takes you deeper.
In it you can learn how to:
  • Help yourself and others deal with stresses of modern life
  • Strengthen the etheric pattern further
  • Use the philosophies associated with the Minor Triangles in our pattern
  • Balance the hormones
  • Use Chiron Healing® on the feet
  • Understand how the date of your birth can affect you
  • Separate out your emotions from others
  • Look after yourself more
 And much more.....
 Comprehensive working manual included
 A prerequisite is to have successfully completed a Chiron Healing® Level 1 course with an accredited Chiron Healing® teacher.