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The Chrone

Within each of us, deep with in our Core, we have ‘Crone Wisdom', insight and subtle knowing that was learned far back in the past. A ‘Crone' is usually thought of as an older woman who uses her skills to help others. However the term 'Chrone' has a wider application in that it can refer to either females or males who access their intuitive talents and use them for the world around them.

Both the 'Chrone' and Chiron Healing® techniques and philosophies have been brought to us and developed by Jan Thomas from Australia. The 'Chrone' is the left, feminine or Intuitive side of Chiron Healing® and Gwynneth is qualified and accredited to teach both The Path of the Chrone and Chrone Too workshops. 

See the page on Courses for details of current courses.


Once you have successfully completed a Chrone course, you can be invited to join the on-going Chrone meetings that happen every month or two throughout the year. These are currently on-line so it matters not where in the world you are. This is great chance for like-minded souls to get together and feel less alone in their Chrone work. We revise some of the things learnt on the courses and explore aspects of the trees and the seasons in more detail.






The 13 trees from the Chrone course
5 different sets of 13 images to choose from

Set 1 - Whole Trees
Set 2 - Flowers, leaves
Set 3 - Fruits, berries, leaves
Set 4 - Bark, leaves
Set 5 - Variety, selected intuitively especially for you

A4 size - price £60
13 x 18cm size - price £45
9 x 13cm size - price £30
(Plus postage & packing)

Laminated or on high quality photographic paper, each with accompanying written information
Lovingly produced by
Gwynneth Campbell
Contact: gwyn4gold@live.co.uk